Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey Everybody we have made a new range of semi precious studs. We have studs made from Turquoise, Onyx, Pyrite and Tiger Eyes. We have used sterling silver posts. Each pair is different.

The studs vary in price according their weight but as a rough guide the smallest pair of Turquoise studs (3ct) start at $34 and the largest pair (8ct) are priced at $60. 

To win a pair private message us on Facebook with the name of the Judy Blume novel that mentions one of these semi precious stones. Also tell us which stone you want. There will be two winners. Please be willing to take a photo of yourself with the prize if you win....thanks!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


So much chompy goodness in our new sterling silver monster teeth ring. If you wear two the little teeth mash together when your finger moves.

This is the first of our Monster Faces Stack Ring series. There is a Nose Ring and a couple of Eye Rings coming up, including my personal favourite: "Pretty Monster Eyes". The rings can be worn together or alone or with any of your other rings.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


What is your totem animal? Is it a sewer rat? Sewer rats are go-getters and are seen to be the most successful mammals after humans in regards to global distribution. We have a new version of our auspicious Solid Sterling Silver Sewer Rat pendant: The Black Sewer Rat.

This little guy looks so sophisticated with a black, matte finish.

Scurry over here to find him for $100AUD. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


Once upon a time (or more accurately, before 1587), rubies and spinel stones were interchangeable, each displaying the vivid reds we recognise so easily. They were so indistinguishable in fact, that the 352.5 carat 'Timur Ruby' in Queen Elizabeth's Crown Jewels was actually found to be a Spinel in 1851.

Our spinel rings are just as regal... yet rough and uncut, which makes them seem modern.

We have three available.

You can check them out here.


How can it be that only 10 years ago the beautiful Druzy was little more than a curiosity to mineralogists? Perhaps still only popular to those with a keen love of unusual geodes, Druzy will appeal to anyone who cannot go past a piece of jewellery that is both unique and obscenely sparkly. Druzy get their glittering surface from a multitude of sparkly, individual quartz crystals covering a single rock facade.

Both sides look awesome on our Druzy Geode and Gold fill pendants - one side is polished and the other rough and full of rough, crystalline beauty.
We have presented these pendants on a 50cm Gold Fill chain (9ct gold plated sterling silver).  

Available here.


Do you ever yearn for the serenity of the ocean? The name of the gemstone Aquamarine derives from the Latin words 'aqua marina' meaning 'sea water', thus named after its beautiful green and blue hues. As well as reminding one of the ocean, the Romans also believed this beautiful stone would give protection on journeys across stormy seas.     

Our sterling silver dangly ear rings with little aquamarines display rough faceted stones and are such a pretty, delicate green. They measure 14mm long.

Available here. 

Saturday, March 08, 2014


These gorgeous watermelon coloured rubies are set in a sterling silver solitaire band. The stones are untreated and contain many interesting occlusions. 

We have 15 of them in a variety of sizes. Come and check them out at Corky Saint Clair

Team Corky has been busy making and sourcing new brilliant new things for 2014 which will start appearing at the shop as of this week. This will be our best and shiniest year ever, we have so many cool things designed for you!




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