Friday, May 29, 2015


Yesterday a quirky private school girl approached me and asked why people wear foxes. I said to her
"The fox is associated with quick thinking and adaptability. Foxes are an awesome symbol to have when you are facing tricky situations as they are clever and sometimes cunning.

More importantly they have very sweet faces making them one of the cutest animals in the forrest."

She nodded, understanding now.

If you are a fox fan we have made some new sterling silver fox studs. Each fox is slightly different and they have been modelled to look like they are prancing through the thickets.


These Herkimer Studs are amongst our most beautiful things in the shop. They are are a cool take on diamond solitaire studs, like you are doing 'pretty' without really trying.
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I ran into Bridget Bodenham at Markit at Fed Square this Sunday and she gave me a container of red cap mushrooms which I planted in one of her arthen ware planters.

Bridget also gave me a whole new collection of her gorgeous porcelain and sterling silver studs for me to sell at Corky Saint Clair.

It is amazing how much texture she gets into each pair. I love these blue rippled studs.

Available from Corky Saint Clair, $35 a pair

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Sunday, May 03, 2015


Hey Everybody
We are doing Finders Keepers in Sydney on the 8th, 9th and 10th of May. Finders Keeprs is being held at Australia Technology Park Exhibition Hall, Locomotive Street, Everleigh - Entry via Henderson Road
(Entry via Bay 8).
We haven't done a design market interstate for five years so it'll be exciting to set up shop in Ye Olde Sydney Towne. Hope to see you there!
PS here are some photos of Corky at previous Finders Keepers.


There is something poetic about this pendant which features an untreated ruby inside our sterling silver anatomical locket. The stone is soldered to the interior, transforming the heart into a vessel to keep this ruby safe and creates a metaphor about keeping beauty close.

This playful pendant is made in Melbourne and currently a one off.




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