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1. Quantum of Solace
I didn't know what what was going on or why everyone was getting beaten up and killed but it was ******** beautiful to watch.

2. Wild Combination
The Arthur Russell biography. A perfect introduction to the amazing world that is Arthur Russell's music. By turns beautiful and sad this is a moving account of Russell's passion and creative life.

Like all good cinema, this left me feeling inspired - I couldn't wait to go home and listen to more of his music....

3. Margot and the Wedding

Critics hated Noah Baumbach's follow up to "The Whale & The Squid" but I love it when Nicole Kidman plays brittle, sexually inhibited characters. this film contained my favourite dialogue of the year.

(Kidman to her 13 year old son, after he disappoints her)
"Everybody thinks you’re so funny and charming,” she says, and then turns: “You used to be rounder, more graceful. You’re stiff now; so blasé.”

4. Kung Fu Panda
watch the scene where Tai Lun escapes - it perfectly enscapsulates naked aggression and intense visualisation


5. Atonement
Loved the book, loved the film. I know this was some bourgeois fantasy but I loved the sumptuousness of the production. I am constantly amazed at how Keira Knightly acts almost entirely with her 'steely' jaw.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in the new hit flick "Marley & Me"


We had drinks at Siglo. The service was good and our drinks were excellent.

Followed by Dinner at The European. I ate too much and then felt weezy and airless - as if the food had pushed all the air out of my body.

Then more drinks at New Gold Mountain. The decor was pretty. J. seemed obsessed with the space age red moulding framing the window.

The floor dude sat us in the most uncomfortable seats with a ridiculously low table facing a very comfy couch, where a central coast looking couple were engaged in some circus-y seduction, which seemed to involve them taking up TWO tables. He had manicured facial hair and long stringy hair and she was rocken a theatrical 'oriental' look.

After we reseated ourselves our drinks quickly arrived. I had 'sour number 11' which was nice - kinda like alcoholic bubble tea with a yummy cherry on the top.

The music was that 'Triple R as cafe music' - I wonder if anyone really wants to hear Beck or Midlake in a high end OTT cocktail bar?

Friday, December 12, 2008


"A carry-monster-treasure , or PMT in summary, characterizes a manner of playing Roleplays: the action is schematically summarized to open a door, to fight a monster which is behind and to discover a treasure held or protected by the monster

The player gains then experiment and the objects thus recovered which make it more powerful. This increase in power enables him to fight monsters more and more coriaces which hold increasingly invaluable objects, which make it possible to face more powerful monsters and so on"

that's one definition...there is another cuter, more poignant story behind the name. come to the shop and ask me and i'll tell you the story of the carry monster


I have redrawn Rolly the Robot making him rounder and more symmetrical, as that is what women seem to want?


Sterling silver Batsu necklace, drawing by Sarah McNeil.

1.2 mm silver
high finish

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I was quite struck by this image when i first saw this image on the Republica Building, cnr Queen & Latrobe Streets.

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Acrobats at the Spiegeltent

I bought this super sweet ouija board at the market. Its made by Neil Thompson. we spent hours asking it every question in world and it was chillingly accurate.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Jasmin and I have been having heaps of fun at Spiegeltent Bizarre Bazaar fashion market. How cute is our little stall.

The interior is lovely so many amazing photo opportunities. Like this one of Annie Last eating a banana.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


As an exhibiting artist and practising DJ, I am always interested in blurring the line between 'traditional art photography' and 'fashion photography'.

I know its crazy - is it art or is it fashion?


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Inside the Chest of DrawersWake up at the same time as usual, get off at the same station. Even within the repetitively boring and frustrating everyday life, if you bring your eyes up just a little bit from your feet, you can see the shop Corky Saint

oh and the subtitle:"let's increase the contents of our chest of drawers"heh




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