Saturday, October 31, 2009


Have you ever been through a dead relatives house shortly after they passed away? It's a tableau of sadness seeing how they lived and died - all the things they collected and chose to keep a story in itself. Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller's installation at 'The Dwelling' at ACCA feels like a room that was recently vacated - all the record players left playing, starting and stopping in an hypnotically creepy rhythm building to dramatic climaxes.

This is the room of an obsessive collector, someone who lived by themselves - no space left or created for visitors. The entire exhibition is built around this installation - it is quite simply the most beautiful thing in Melbourne at this moment. Go and see it as soon as you can.

It stirred up so many feelings of longing that I couldn't shake even after we left.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Jeremy and I recently attended the VCA graduate play "Invisible Stains" starring Annie Last, which is a "
A collage of images and events from the 20th Century, traced through intergenerational memory, impact upon a group of contemporary youth caught in a culture of instant gratification."

Lead Actress Annie Last kindly allowed us backstage to take this stunning portrait of her holding a rose.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


New Native American Clay pipes available at Corky Saint Clair. The last lot sold out on the day we put them on the floor.

These ones are even more stunning than the last lot, if that were even possible.

I remember in the 90s alot of my feminist friends wore whistles around their necks, but this seems like a much nicer, hipper, hippier version of that.


Dear Readers and Customers

The MCNEILLS PORCELAIN project continues. The first lot of samples have come back after four months (thanks Northcote Pottery).

The Sarah's original drawings are so delicate it's hard to reproduce them accurately onto porcelain, but that's half the charm and half the challenge. When I nail it, I will totally own it and it won't be easy for anyone else to copy.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


yeah I posted this new necklace last week, but I like this photo better


Dear Customers & Readers

I have designed and produce a new range of wood jewellery for Xmas 010. They will start appearing in the shop over the next few days.

This is a wood version of Hootie. They turned beautifully but I only made seven of them, so it'll be first come, first serve.

There is another range of wood jewellery arriving soon - I did cute drawings of analogue items from the 80s - VHS video camera, cassettes, an old school film camera, nerdy glasses...

We are polishing them by hand to make them x-tra classy looking.  Hope you like the new range.



I used to be like you, I fell into a world of pretend. That's when you gotta smarten up and cut somebody a little. You might think I float, you might even think I walk on water but I am here to tell you that sometimes I drink out of volcanoes; I know how to deal with the system, how to fuck with it. I just gotta ask you: are you willing to accept what I have to teach?

i'll give anyone a free oracle necklace if you can tell me where that quote is from....


Ugh, this took a million years to get right.

This is the sample of Mini Karloff in 3D. We managed to get his tiny microphone looking sweet.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Material: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 20mm high x 18mm wide x 1.2mm deep
Chain: 80cm Sterling Silver chain
Designer: Christopher-Hussein Bril

Will I marry my best friend?
Should I drop out of Art School again?
Am I bicurious?
Should I keep this baby?
Should I buy this necklace?
Do members of the opposite sex find me physically attractive?
Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?
Should I have another drink?

Ask The Oracle any question, spin its chunky little disc and it will deliver the truth with 100% accuracy. Let the The Oracle guide you in all of your life decisions!

available from Corky Saint Clair, Lenko and Kids in Berlin


This is the sample from my new Jeremy-mini necklace. The final version has a line above the teeth line.

I kinda promised this to someone but then after I got it back and tried it on, I didn't want to take it off, so I've been wearing it non-stop for two weeks, which for me is a record.

Basically the main thing I learnt this year is that all of the characters become cuter as they get smaller, rounder and denser.

Available now from Corky Saint Clair and TNK $79Au RRP

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Picture all the cute treats you could squirrel away in this bone china trinket box...little shiny things, party treats or tiny love letters from boys you met last summer

Available from Corky Saint Clair $18Au


yeh that pretty much sums it up


Imagine how nice this would feel.

Laser etched moleskine cover by Neil Doshi for Engrave.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Anchor tee on super soft navy blue coloured combed cotton tee.

Available at Corky Saint Clair, Lenko, TNK and Kids In Berlin


Genuine Peruvian Fairtrade PAN pipes made by actual P.N.A. (Peruvian Native Americans.) Presented on a stunning 80cm silver plated chain - maxed out ethnic chic at just $35Au RRP.

Available from Corky Saint Clair

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Dear Readers and Customers

Today my new collection of men's tees arrived at the shop.

I haven't done a new screenprint collection for a couple of years 'cos of the accident and my inexorable move toward jewellery but my new collection is so sweet. Will post more pictures soon.

I won't design anymore girls teeshirts as I have no feeling for that.

I am working on a new skull tee that seems to be taking a million years but looks amazing.



Here is a photo by request for the famous/infamous Corky Han Solo in Carbonite necklace. Available exclusively from Corky Saint Clair $150 Au RRP



Brass Stag necklace. Stunning and fun to wear.

I made a larger version for myself to wear on my wedding night, but that fell through.

$58Au RRP available from Corky Saint Clair and Kids In Berlin.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I got some editorial at


There's always been a lot of mystique surrounding the PXL-2000, a late 80's kiddie camcorder that manages to squeeze a few minutes of grainy black and white video onto an audio cassette tape. Pxl_prod_shot

The PXL-2000’s black and white image was so faded, it had no real blacks and whites, just shades of dead grey. The image also had square grains instead of dots, creating a dream-like, moving mosaic. Kids and parents were scared by the black-and-white “horror film” image it gave, but adult artists gravitated towards it, giving this new medium a name – Pixelvision.

The most famous example was probably Michael Almareyda's urbane 1994 horror film NADJA.

I'm kinda thinking of getting one to film some Corky Ads with my new in house models showcasing my new range of super hot men's teeshirts.

modified PXL

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Wear the whole world around your neck


This is the most popular thing in the shop at the moment - the new Mini Katsu in 3D sterling silver pendant. Who would have thought Katsu would get cuter at 1/20th of his original size?

KATSU in 3D. Little sterling charm available from Corky Saint Clair $89 RRP

Friday, October 09, 2009


These shorts are a cult item - I've been waiting to get a pair for over a year. I figure if/when I finally go on my epic journey through South East Asia I'll get maximum use out of them and look hot in my holiday snaps.

I imagine this is exactly what I will look like once I put the shorts on.


Shorts with cut outs HEXAGODEAN SHORT SHORTS- these would look cute if you had awesome undies underneath.

For very special boys only - ones with no body fat. If you are over 30 your love handles are gonna get pushed up and out - but that could be kinda hot, I guess.


Granny Square shorts from a new fashion project by Oliver of the Sky.

For very special boys only.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Owl Lamp $99Au RRP
Squirrel Lamp $119Au RRP
Rabbit Lamp
129Au RRP

available from Corky Saint Clair

Click on images to enlarge


What pipe are you going to rock this SUMMER 010? Maybe its time to put down your crack pipe and take a toke on the Corky's new range of Genuine Native American Pipe Necklaces!


Available now at Corky Saint Clair $30Au RRP


I read this story in my favourite magazine "Fantastic Man" about a technique of shoe polishing where you polish your tan shoes with a shoe polish a tone darker than your shoes - the polish wears off leaving your shoes looking burnished and buffed.

Look at the lovely rich colour I achieved on my brogues using this technique. They were originally closer to the shoe the ginger is wearing.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Madame Fancy Pants
Location: 217 Cuba Street Wellington, New Zealand, 6011 Phone: 04 3850830

Look at this super sweet photo shoot that Claire from Madame Fancy Pants did with my new range of Jewellery.

Friday, October 02, 2009


Check it out Carry Monster is #1 on the Most Popular list at one of my favourite sites of all time It's a curated gallery/market where you can buy fresh merch directly from designers. Everything seems reasonably priced too. I have found some absolute gems here at crazy prices.

I've even had little chats with some designers I really admire.

Lately I've been buying lots of screen prints there and cute tee shirts for my psychadelic summer 010.

PS I sell Corky at
visit here




My current theme is 'nice'. After much thought it turned out being nice just means being patient. Anyway I ordered this tee from Damien Correll - can't wait to get it.



Thursday, October 01, 2009


Victoria Mason Pencil Shaving Necklace. Also available in blue.
$220 Au RRP from Corky Saint Clair


I wish I was cool enough to wear these 'Jason Tyler' wooden glasses by Urban Spectacles.

I could get away with wearing the nerdy pair underneath - 'Scott'


Come on you never would have picked up without them



if you really loved me you would buy me one of these Mike Perry 9 Colour Screen Prints.

update: - I got myself the one on the left... butt still would love to get the one on the right




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