Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Have you ever wondered what kind of man jewellery Batman would wear on a man date? 

Can you imagine how hot Bruce Wayne would look with this solid silver bat cuff peeking out under his shirt sleeve?

Solid silver bat cuff available from Corky Saint Clair $200Au 

Saturday, May 29, 2010



Corky Saint Clair is travelling Queensland to sell our wares at Finders Keepers Brisbane 2010. We have never been to to that northern city but we hope Brisbane is as amazing as everyone says!

We'll be there from the 25th of June till the 27th so if you are in Brisbane at that time come and say hello.

We had so much fun at the Sydney Finders Keepers. This time we will be much better prepared - like bringing more jewellery, more business cards, more packaging, more signage...basically more of everything. Oh and a mirror might help too.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I am writing a ghost story for my final assessment piece for my creative course. It's really scary. It's about some heroin addicts in the 90s living in a share house who aren't sure which is haunted  - the house or themselves.

I'm sure the characters in my story would love these Ghost Puppets by Sheree Ford. Each one is handpainted. The puppets have winsome song lyrics inscribed on the back, such as this classic by one Miss S. Hoffs.
Available from Corky Saint Clair $40Au 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have always been attracted to Norse mythology and imagery. Especially the Norse helmet - what a powerful piece of iconography - this silhouette is easy to read at a distance and so it would have struck fear into their enemies' hearts, as Viking long ships approached, ready to pillage, plunder and destroy.

If I ever get married I want to have a Viking vs Eskimo wedding. Maybe someone in the wedding party could wear this Viking ship sterling silver pendant by Red Cloud Design.

Available from Corky Saint Clair $60Au

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Silver Anchor necklace. Add a sweet nautical twist to any outfit.

Available from Corky Saint Clair


"Winter comes and snow...."

Winter fashion is so much better than summer fashion - let's cut the lemon in half: there isn't much creativity in wearing shorts and thongs. I love winter in Melbourne - the moment it gets cold everyone is out sporting their winter finery. People who can layer, layer. Favourite winter coats get pulled out from the back of the closet. And in Melbourne everyone goes scarf crazy.

Fair enough, it gets freezing here. When you see people wearing scarves in Sydney you know its an affectation as it doesn't actually get cold there. Winter in Sydney is that one week in the year they can't go the beach.

Sterling silver studs by Red Cloud Design
Available from Corky Saint Clair

Monday, May 24, 2010


I am enjoying reading Leo Greenfield's blog.  'The Bride Striped Bare...' is essentially a fashion blog. It is drawn from memory thus we get a sense that Greenfield is filling in the blanks with his own perspectives and yearnings. 

This blog is full of romantic imagery describing a hipster's fugue full of bikes, beards, beanies, boots and beautiful boys. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Charm letters by Red Cloud Design.

Solid sterling silver letters with decorative texture and an oxidised charm. We have been selling them for $110. I have seen them for upto $140 at other boutiques. On sale now at Corky Saint Clair for just $65.

We have lots of popular letters left such as 'a', 's', 'e', 'j', 't', 'k', 'n' and some others. While stocks last...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Some mathematicians claim the proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza's structure are convergent with a number of physical and mathematical constants, such as the Golden Section.

Using this arcane mathematics as the basis for their own esoteric theories Pyramidologists claim that "the Great Pyramid of Giza has encoded within its structure  predictions for the exodus of Moses from Egypt, the crucifixion of Jesus, the start of World War I, the founding of modern-day Israel in 1948, and future events including the beginning of Armageddon and the rise and fall of Jessica Simpson; discovered by using what they call "pyramid inches" to calculate the passage of time (one British inch = one solar year)."

Were all these great thinkers onto something here?

At Corky Saint Clair we can't tell you the answer to that age old question but can offer you the chance to wear your own Pyramid necklace made from some kind of wood from NZ. 

This stunning piece is modelled on the precise proportions of Great Pyramid of Giza and measures 1.7 pyramid inches by 1.7 pyramid inches.

Available from Corky Saint Clair, Kids in Berlin and Lenko. $40RRP


Acedia · Affection · Ambivalence · Anger · Angst · Annoyance · Anticipation · Anxiety · Apathy · Awe · Boredom · Calmness · Compassion · Compersion · Confusion · Contempt · Contentment · Courage ·Curiosity · Depression · Desire · Disappointment · Disgust · Doubt · Ecstasy · Embarrassment · Empathy · Emptiness · Enthusiasm · Envy · Epiphany · Euphoria · Fanaticism · Fear · Frustration ·Gratification · Gratitude · Grief · Guilt · Happiness · Hatred · Homesickness · Hope · Hostility · Humiliation · Hysteria · Inspiration · Interest · Jealousy · Kindness · Limerence · Loneliness · Love · Lust ·Melancholia · Mono no aware · Nostalgia · Optimism · Panic · Patience · Passion · Pessimism · Pity · Pride · Rage · Regret · Remorse · Repentance · Resentment · Righteous indignation · Sadness ·Saudade · Schadenfreude · Sehnsucht · Self-pity · Shame · Shyness · Suffering · Surprise · Suspicion · Sympathy · Weltschmerz · Wonder · Worry


I love these creepy- pretty GOATA necklaces by Nina Waldron. There is so much work in each one - some of the fingers are articulated and each piece is hand made. Even the packaging is hand drawn.

Available from Corky Saint Clair. Top necklace $60. Bottom necklace $35


Stainless steel moth earring with sterling silver hooks. I made these four years ago but never got around to putting them in the shop. It's kinda a big earring but they look stylish.

Available from Corky Saint Clair


We usually only sell studs at the shop but I got these sweet sterling silver 'bird on a perch' earrings made up.

Available at Corky Saint Clair

Saturday, May 15, 2010


When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. 

So create.

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Friday, May 14, 2010


Lately I've taken to wearing a USB stick on my necklace. Its less fashion statement and more an act of convenience as I am constantly transferring music from my home computer to my work Desktop. It is so nerd wearing a USB stick but that's kinda the point.... if you are going to wear a USB stick don't pretend it's any else but a USB stick.

I found this understated line of USB jewellery from Berlin, Germany. Some of it is kinda naff.

I think I could wear the man bracelet and the keychain. I would turn the keychain into a necklace.

I kinda liked this USB stick necklace from It's a memory stick in the shape of a corn cob. Of course. They should put eyes and a mouth on this piece - I'd call that character Corny Cobface.


Hey everybody check it out Corky Saint Clair is the featured shop on the Finders Keepers blog....

The photos are huge and clear which makes our work look fantastique.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Seen at the launch of the Next Wave Festival at the Meat Market North Melbourne - the world's largest smoke ring generator.

I ran into Jeremy Drape, Brian T and Alison X practising the latest trend called 'Dead Eyes'. Note the multitude of 'seaside bunts' in the background - that shit is everywhere!

I also saw my favourite artist and textile designer Holly Fluxx with two friends. Holly is taking part in a group show this Saturday as part of the Next Wave Festival. The show is called "Sports Club 1: Commitment and Sweat = My Personal Best" and will showcase sports-themed works by more than 40 artists including acrobats, contortionists, sound artists, dancers, photographers and a marching brass band.

"Holly Fluxx will lead an interactive aerobics session, performed in a full loop of the running track at 2pm, 5pm and 7pm, with portable speakers blaring amped-up music. Audience members will be recruited to join the performers, who'll be decked out in a surreal ''mash-up'' of remixed sportswear costumes.
"Aerobics is always performed behind closed doors, so we wanted to explode it out into the open," Ms Fluxx says. "It's going to be high-energy, hyperactive and confusing.'' Participants don't need to dress the part, but if there's a leotard lurking in your closet give it an airing."
I actually have a cheerleading outfit I found in skip bin in Ballarat. Maybe I'll bring that on Saturday?


Sterling silver bouquet necklace by Victoria Mason. Pop some tiny flowers into this beautiful piece to create a living, wearable sculpture.

Available from Corky Saint Clair. $220RRP

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


from David Boring 


New at Corky Saint Clair - it's a larger 3-D Hootie with wings.

Available now $99Au


small spacesPhotobucketclaustrophobia
being buried alivePhotobuckettaphophobia
being kept a sex slave in an underground chamberPhotobucketsexslavophobia
plane crashingPhotobucketaerophobia
south of the river Photobucketmeridionalisophobia

but wait there's more...

public transportPhotobucket connexphobia
bogan text message languagePhotobucket smsphobia
irish accentsPhotobucketceltophobia




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