Sunday, October 09, 2016


Finders Keepers is on next weekend.

We have two new jewellery ranges being launched and new tees for guys.

One range is called Corky's Petite Moons - which is a collection of lunar themed jewellery made from sterling silver and semi precious stones.

The other range is called M2M: Married To Myself - gorgeous tiny english cut natural diamond stack rings for ladies ready to make that commitment to themselves. They are really cute!

Here is our very chatty listing in the designers guide

Tuesday, October 04, 2016


I'm really excited to announce our new range of stack rings that we will be launching at Finders Keepers Melbourne.

The range is called Married To Myself.

They are gorgeous sterling silver stack rings with an English cut Polki diamond.

This ring is smart, simple and slightly organic looking.

This Polki Diamond Promise Ring ring is crafted in sterling silver completed with a a raw cut diamond. Size of diamond: 3-4 mm diameter. Thickness: 2 mm.

(We will have a wider range of options in this range launching at the Big Design Market Melbourne)




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