Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I don't think you could be depressed in Sydney, there is so much intense sunlight. The whole city is swimming with pastels and primary colours. Yeah, it's kinda garish but coming from Melbourne which seems to be coloured from a palette of grey, black and brown, the chromatic landscape of Sydney is refreshing.

We had crazy fun at Finders Keepers Market. It was totally packed out. I kinda felt like I was tripping the first two hours - there were just so many people racing around to find craft bargains and masterpieces. There was a really nice vibe there - I think people are just more friendly in Sydney?

We designed cool display cases but they weren't finished on time so we ended up improvising with some planks of wood, some tins of beans and some black duct tape. It ended up looking pretty good.

It was so manic + intense + fun but ultimately a bit wearying talking to that many people. By the second day I spent a lot of time staring into the middle distance.

I got this super sweet teeshirt by Eleventh Our, with the new bird skull motif that is everywhere. I love the spurting, shaded 3D bursts of colours. Its a digital print, which explains the vivid colours. We'll see how it washes.

PS...The 'new birdcage' is the 'seaside bunt' it was everywhere at Finders Keepers.


Megan McKean said...

So lovely meeting you over the weekend. Your stuff is so great - and I've been wearing my Sarah McNeil brooch every day.
You should definitely move to Sydney - where the people are cheery and the sun is a constant. :)

Luyi said...

Days in Sydney, nights in Melbourne. The life I aspire to.

hohkyo said...



yes... it was lovely meeting you too. and the slightly dazzling matthew bannister....

and i wouldn't mind spending my nights in sydney as long as they weren't on oxford street.

Kelly said...

It was a very colourful market and completely draining as you said :) But always fun to see what everyone is up to and meet other creatives!


I agree Kelly, even more than selling tonnes of gear the real value I got from the experience was chatting to other designers. People were really open and forthcoming with help and advice. 'Twas truly amazing....




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