Friday, November 18, 2011


Our exhibition EVERY MIXTAPE IS A LOVE LETTER opened last night. 

We were lucky enough to have actress/model Annie Last choreograph three performances that electrified our audience. 

Annie Last is wearing my headpiece - "The Endless Prescient Vision of the Goddess Athena" which is cut from a solid piece sterling silver and supports a large quartz crystal. 

The quartz crystal increases extra-sensory perception and sensitivity increasing your psychic powers by a factor of seven.

Phillip styling Annie Last before her big performance.

Young lovers enjoying the electric vibe at our exhibition opening.

Blender Crew Represent.

Young people checking out the amazing displays at our first jewellery exhibition EVERY MIXTAPE IS A LOVE LETTER.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the show; we got some really interesting work from a people from very varied backgrounds - from jewellery makers, sculptors, fine artists, architects and stylists.

It was very balmy in the city yesterday so thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend our opening. 

It was still warm as we walked home; I sighed and smiled to myself because it felt like our best Corky Party ever.

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Fashion Hayley said...

Did you "put a bird on it" to the headpiece too? AMAZING!!!




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